About - Desert Flame Photography LLC

Who is Desert Flame Photography LLC?

That would be me!

The face behind the name, and the camera:

Nicole Gramlich.

Just who am I?

Glad you asked! I am an actor who has been on many New Mexico stages as characters all the way from Bloodbottler in the Big Friendly Giant, to Johnna Monevata in August: Osage County. I did a role on In Plain Sight, and many roles in various shorts. I had a brief stint as a model for several local and L.A. photographers, been a 1st A.D, 2nd A.D... I think it's safe to say I know my way around a set!

I have a published novel, I paint, I draw, I sew... anything art, I've done it and made an expensive hobby out of it.

I also have two teenagers, two cats who think they're teenagers, chickens, fish - oh, yes, and an adorable husband who I met my freshman year of highschool in 1992, began dating in 1993, got engaged to in 1997, and married in 1999. Yeah, we're those sappy people whose relationship is something of a unicorn these days - but he is my best friend, my soulmate, and the only one I want to spend my forever with.

So why photography?

Somewhere in my storied past there is a photo of me as a baby taking my first photograph. I had moved the camera on the floor and, unwittingly in front of a mirror, there I am - mugging for the camera before I even had a clue what it did or that I was in the photo! I've always loved the lights, the flash, the fun to be had in front of a lens. It wasn't until a few years back when I asked a photographer friend for a recommendation on a camera that I discovered the absolute joy I have behind the camera as well and decided to make a hobby into a profession.

It took some time for me to realize that I am a sucker for a face - I LOVE portraiture. Getting the best out of someone, their true selves, and capturing that as a memory for them is a delight that I really can't describe.

I love creating a narrative with my subjects, telling a story, and having the most fun possible. I've had gut busting laughs with the folks who have taken photos with me and I hope that you'll be joining me soon!

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