F.A.Q. - Desert Flame Photography LLC
  • How much does a headshot session cost?

    Please see the packages guide for a full listing.

    All bookings require a $50 non-refundable Booking Fee to be paid via Paypal, cash, check, or money order at the time of booking. The remaining is due the day of your photography session. Orders over $300 dollars require a higher Booking Fee of 20% of the total.

  • What is a look?

    At Desert Flame Photography LLC, a look is considered one outfit on one background. A change of either the outfit, major makeup, or background constitutes another look. Each look gives you between 30-50 images to choose from.

  • How many headshots will I get?

    After your shoot, you will receive a link to a private gallery of proofs where you may select your favorites from the session. Depending on the package you've chosen, you will receive between four and twelve finalized photographs. Each additional look gives one more finalized photograph as part of the price. Please see the packages listing for detailed information.

    You may purchase prints for an additional fee.

  • Can I print my own photos?

    A print release is included in your purchase price, allowing you to freely make prints of your finalized headshot/portrait selections.

    A print and advertising release is included for corporate headshot clients.

  • What is retouching and do I really need it?

    Though we do our best to capture the best version of you on the first shot, retouching is what makes your photo, and you, shine. Getting rid of blemishes that aren't permanent, hairs that have gone rogue, clothes that have a major wrinkle or two, as well as background distractions, make sure that the focus is truly yours - not everything else around you. For those getting headshots, retouching ensures that you look like you on your best day - giving the casting director a chance to see the real person behind the photo. We do not change your shape or size through regular retouching, but will gladly remove your third arm at no extra charge.

  • What is extensive retouching?

    Cutting someone out of a photo, reconstructing a background, or body shaping are examples of extensive retouching. Removal of a third arm is still free.

  • How do I book?

    Please send us an email at info@desertflamephotography.com or call 505-363-2971 and we will arrange your session. All sessions require a $50 non-refundable Booking Fee (over $300 is 20% of total) which goes toward the balance of your bill.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept Paypal, credit card, cash, or check. If you pay your remaining balance the day of the shoot, you can pay with cash, check made out to Desert Flame Photography LLC, or credit card.

  • How and when will I have my photos?

    Headshots: Your photos will be available for proofing in your private gallery within 2-3 days (which you can share with your agent or anyone else if you want them to help you pick). After you've selected your photos, retouching takes 5-7 business days. Your retouched photos will then be available in your private gallery for download. We also offer all your selections in high-resolution on a USB/Thumb drive for $35. Purchasing physical prints can also be done from your gallery.<

  • Can you help me decide what photos to choose?

    We are more than happy to provide you with our choices, or even help you break a tie if you're undecided. For those getting headshots, most particularly actors, we are happy to offer our suggestions, but also recommend you include your agent in the decision if you truly aren't sure. After all, your agent is the one who will be figuring out just what "version" of you to send out for those casting notices!

  • What about Hair and Makeup?

    We do not provide hair and makeup. We will gladly work with any hair and makeup person you wish to hire on your own, simply let us know you'll have them coming with you. That said, we will do the basics - such as helping with fly-aways, making sure your makeup isn't smudged, and keeping your collar straight!

  • What do I wear? What should I bring?

    After you book your session, you will receive a detailed email with what you should and shouldn't bring. A basic rule is avoid graphics and prints, as well as anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you are in a shirt that makes you feel miserable, it will show!

  • Can I bring someone with me?

    Absolutely! Our goal is to have you feel as comfortable as possible! We have no problem with anyone coming along to keep you company.

    Be advised that anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian with them to schedule a session.

  • Do you shoot on film or digital?

    We shoot digital in RAW format - which is the highest resolution and quality. Your images will then be converted to high resolution JPEG. For $35, you may purchase your files on a USB/Thumb drive for high quality printing.

  • Can you give me the RAW files?

    We do not give away RAW files. RAW files refer to file extensions (i.e. .CR2, .DNG) and are our digital negatives. We will happily provide you with "raw" files for your proofing pleasure in your private gallery once your session is complete.

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